Updated: May 29 17
 Created: May 29 17

Monarch butterfly on milkweed flowers

As a business and a family we are committed to doing our part to reduce waste, live as sustainably as possible and preserve the environment.

Updated: May 29 17
 Created: May 15 17

Maple trees in their autumn colours

The following are a few ways in which we are eco-conscious: 

  • our bathroom amenities are earth-friendly.
  • all our bathrooms are outfitted with right height (for guest comfort), low flush toilets for less water waste.
  • most of our light bulbs have been replaced with LED bulbs to reduce electricity usage.
  • products used for cleaning and laundry are all earth friendly, made in Ontario and are purchased from local business.
  • rather than plastic or foam, we use glasses and mugs in our rooms.
  • we have a well for all water use. The water is tested regularly . . . and it is also our personal drinking water, so it’s very safe to drink. This also reduces the need for wasteful plastic water bottles.

Updated: Jan 06 18
 Created: May 21 17

Recycling, organic waste and garbage containers are provided in each of our rooms.
  • all rooms have receptacles for garbage, recycling and compost. It is always hand sorted and disposed of responsibly.
  • we have a beautiful Bee and Butterfly garden on the property and we let the wildflowers grow to help sustain the bee population.
  • all rooms are heated electrically. To conserve electricity and keep costs down only a small amount of heat is consistently left on in the bathrooms.  During the winter season RESERVATIONS WILL ENSURE A WARM ROOM.
  • only eco-friendly products are used for de-icing purposes.
  • we are very proud to be partners with Clean the World, an organization that collects used soaps from motel/hotels as well as shampoo containers then sanitizes and re-purposes them to be distributed to third world nations; so they provide life saving hygiene products for children and families, and reduce the amount diverted to landfills.

We have found ways to provide our guests with the comforts and necessities of a great stay, while being mindful of our energy use and careful not to waste resources.

Help us be as sustainable and efficient as possible. We encourage our guests to use energy responsibly while staying at Pinewood Inn.